It’s a splash of joy and colours as the stars of ALTBalaji revel in Holi celebrations

It’s that time when everybody’s decked in white and gets a large group of hues put on them. As the whole nation joins to cheers in the celebration of Holi, ALTBalaji too is praising affection and kinship with various shades of amusement.

With excitement levels at an untouched high upon the arrival of the celebration, it’s nothing unexpected to see the stars at ALTBalaji positions Holi as one of their most loved celebrations.

Mona Singh

mona singh

Mona Singh, from Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain is the same. At the point when gotten some information about how she spends this ‘Holi-day’, Mona says, “Holi is one of my most loved celebrations. I recollect my father, who was a military man, used to set up an immense gathering on this day. It used to begin at 10:30 in the first part of the day and we children would delight in the festivals directly till the night. My mom used to make gujiyas and jalebis at home. This has turned into a convention that I pursue each year. I’ve been in Mumbai for as far back as 14 years and Holi is a celebration that I’ve constantly celebrated with my companions and this year I expect to do likewise also. We completely ensure that the hues we play with are eco-accommodating/natural and we never use water by any means. It’s generally a dry Holi, yet you’re certain to have a decent time when you’re with your precious ones. It’s daily that I anticipate all during that time and I wish everybody a brilliant and vivid Holi.”

Shantanu Maheshwari

shantanu majheshwari

Shantanu Maheshwari might be far from his home back in Kolkata shooting for ALTBalaji’s forthcoming web arrangement Medically Yours, yet this dashing on-screen character beyond any doubt recalls Holi at the back of his head. He says, “My best Holi recollections return to when I was at home in Kolkata. As children, we would have expand battles or even wars between the 3 stories in our structure. Every one of the youngsters would get together and benefit as much as possible from those inflatable wars by going hard and fast! Those fun and honest occasions are ones I truly miss! I wish everybody a bright and safe Holi.”

Harshita Gaur

harshita gaur

Holi is totally fragmented without Gujiya. No prizes for speculating that PunnchBeat’s Harshita Gaur adores it as well. “Holi is multi day to savor and esteem with your precious ones. I don’t have any plans this Holi yet I am certain I will be astounded by somebody or the other from my companion circle. Eating Gujiya is a convention which won’t be missed this Holi. My most vital Holi was amid my school days with my pals,” includes the celebrity.

Pooja Banerjee

pooja banerjee

With evolving times, the way of getting a charge out of the celebration has changed as well. Pooja Banerjee, from Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain, feels the equivalent. Recollecting the time she spent playing in Nagpur, Pooja says, “Holi has dependably been one of the craziest celebrations to anticipate. I truly miss playing Holi back in the place where I grew up, Nagpur, as a kid with my neighbors. The day was about nourishment, aside from playing with eggs and muds. In my youth playing Holi was distraught, blameless and unique in relation to what we see today. At the present time, Holi is increasingly about celebrating and having a ton of fun.”

Be it far from home or with their loved ones out of another city, we can make sure that the stars of ALTBalaji will have a Holi to recollect. What’s more, much the same as the shades of Holi, they also will add a ton of brilliance to our lives.