Jaan Kumar Sanu on keeping up with Bigg Boss 13, looking up to Sidharth Shukla and more

The Bigg Boss 14 virtual public interview saw Jaan Kumar Sanu as the main affirmed challenger for this season. While Salman Khan had some thoughtful words to state about him followed by Sidharth Shukla testing his capacities and furthermore parting with certain tips, the vocalist has consistently been an ardrent watcher of the show and feels that he will guarantee that individuals love him.

We connected with him as of late and he sure had a few experiences to give. Peruse exceprts from the meeting here.

What incited to you say yes to the show?

Fundamentally, I didn’t perceive any explanation not to express yes to Bigg Boss since it is maybe one of the greatest unscripted TV dramas on Indian TV. I’ve been an aspect of the show since the earliest reference point, followed all the seasons, and the degree of diversion that Bigg Boss gives to the whole nation, I see myself as fortunate to be a piece of it, in light of the fact that toward the day’s end, I am a craftsman and I want to connect with the individuals.

With a show like Bigg Boss, things can work in either heading – be the enormous break or a push that one didn’t require, did you have any misgivings?

I am really certain in nature and I didn’t consider the last situation, to be completely forthright. I am a major devotee of what we need, you simply need to ask the Universe and it ensures that you get it. So I didn’t consider the last situation at all in light of the fact that a show where Salman sir is the host, and the sort of fans that help and favor the show, I truly think there isn’t anything that will turn out badly. I have been an artist since a very age, performing since a very age, and Bigg Boss is only the greatest phase of all. It is upto me whether I avoid the presentation or put forth a valiant effort and murder it, so that is the thing that I will do and ensure individuals love me.

Throughout the long term, who has been your preferred challenger?

I have been watching it directly from season 1, and I have never had a most loved hopeful until last season. I turned into a devotee of Sidharth Shukla, and that was on the grounds that I impacted him on a ton of things, the way that he was valid and legitimate right from day 1, fundamentally he didn’t change or put on an act, he strolled into the show like it’s his thing and had a ‘this is the means by which I am demeanor, regardless of whether all of you love me or disdain me, I won’t transform.’ He battled for what he thought was correct and I believe that is the way I have been since youth, I have into a great deal of difficulty, however toward the day’s end, it has dealt with me. I have a great deal of things that I need to perform with him and like him.

Sidharth additionally presented you on the show, how overpowering was that?

I feel that was the best amazement that the whole group could give me since I have been exceptionally vocal about my help for Sidharth since Bigg Boss 13. I have been an aficionado of that man and when I got the opportunity to see him when Salman sir acquainted me with him, I was really energized and apprehensive and glad simultaneously. The entirety of the seasons that I have seen, there is no one that looks at to Sidharth. We had a decent discussion, he gave me a couple of circumstances and he was content with the manner in which I was responding and he gave me some astounding tips, we should perceive how it goes.

Bigg Boss 13 would one say one was of the greatest hits, do you feel it will be hard to keep up?

It isn’t simply troublesome, yet it is a great undertaking to rival what those individuals have done last seasons. We got the chance to see each sort of feeling enhanced, increased into 100 in the last period of Bigg Boss. There was love, there was fellowship, contempt, battles, we saw all feelings imaginable in the show, I figure the greatest error is contend with that. Possibly we can set a completely new sort of benchmark with the sort of challengers that are coming in, however I am hoping to set my own benchmark.

Any counsel structure father Kumar Sanu? What was his response when you chosen to take this up?

He was stunned in the first place, there was a snapshot of quiet when he caught wind of it and from that point forward, things went quite smooth since he concluded that in the event that you are so certain about being an aspect of the show, at that point I think I have no motivation to stress. They were stun and shock initially and afterward, on, it changed into gifts and satisfaction and backing.