Junooniyat: Beeji allows Elahi to sing, but follows the same path with her as she did with Diljyot

Colors Junooniyat is keeping its audience glued to the show with its interesting twists and turns. The makers are leaving no stone unturned to keep the show interesting.

The current track is focusing on how Ranjeet tries to put sindoor on her, but Shikha appears from under the veil, revealing the truth. Beeji is appalled by Ranjeet’s deceit and calls the police. Feeling ashamed, Beeji asks Elahi what she wants. Elahi expresses her desire to participate in the music competition.

In tonight’s episode, Beeji finally allows Elahi to sing, bringing immense happiness to her and Amardeep. However, Beeji is still determined to follow the same path with Elahi as she did with Diljyot, her mother. Meanwhile, Inderjit shares with Maheep that Jordan has always been a spoiled child who lies and gets whatever he wants. On the other hand, Jahaan confides in his mother, Dolly, about his feelings, but denies being in love. Dharmendra advises Jahaan to wait for a sign from God as he shares the same with him. Jahaan and Elahi communicate via sign language on the terrace, leading Jahaan to question whether he is truly in love.

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