Kanikka Kapur runs 15 km carrying 10 Kg riffle for the preparation of Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2

One who fears, can always lose. This is the conviction of two youthful people Mohit Kumar otherwise known as Shravan and Kanikka Kapur otherwise known as Suman who might be found in the job of armed force staff. At the point when they picked the job, they realized it would not have been simple. The two on-screen characters are putting in all the hardwork to stick up to the desires for their group and are prepared to allure the watchers.

The primary Season of Ek Duje ke Vaaste had been an anger among the crowd and there are gigantic desires from the up and coming season. Set against a military scenery, Ek Duje ke Vaaste 2 is a shocking romantic tale with a present-day contact. The cast of the show as of late went for the promotion of the show in outside areas like Satara and Ladakh, where they went for the arrangement of their military life. While the shoot required the prompts perform numerous tricks and they were given the choice of having body duplicates for the equivalent, the two chose to go for it themselves.

Suman has a mean to join armed force simply like her dad and to get ready for a similar she joins NCC. In a succession of the show, she would be seen running conveying a 10kg riffle. Kanikka needed this scene to look genuine and accordingly more than once practiced for the equivalent. She secured the circuit of 4 kms of the Satara ground around multiple times. The absolute separation she had secured during this was approx.. multiple times and all the individuals were shocked to see her wellness.

Talking about the equivalent Kanikka stated, “I need to give my best in all the groupings I do, particularly if it’s a military related scene. For a scene of the show, I would be seen running conveying a 10 kg riffle and I needed it to look as genuine as could be allowed. I needed to perform it like a NCC cadet would do thus to get in the vibe, I chose to run with the riffle as much as I can. I was so excitd for this that I didn’t understand when I finished in excess of 15 kms.