Kasam Spoiler: Tanuja Meets With An Accident; Rishi Escapes A Bomb Blast!

Kasam Spoiler: Tanuja Meets With An Accident; Rishi Escapes A Bomb Blast!

In Colors’ hit show Kasam, Tanuja (Shivani Tomar), along with her sisters Nidhi and Vidhi are staying at the Bedis’ store room. Rishi is unaware of this fact. Tanuja and Rishi have had a series of hits and misses ever since Tanuja has landed in Mumbai. Tanuja even escorts the drunken Rishi (Sharad Malhotra) to his room and takes care of him. Rishi wakes up the next morning, and realizes he was drunk last night and wonders as to who brought him to his room.

He informs the same to his family members and tells them that a girl escorted him to his room. His family tries to convince him, but he insists that it was girl.He even rushes to the store room, where Tanuja hides and Rishi will not be able to see her. But, he spots her dupatta instead!

In the upcoming episodes, Rishi and Tanuja’s hit-and-miss meetings will continue, as Rishi’s car would hit Tanuja, causing an accident. The driver, would hit Tanuja by mistake.As per the latest spoiler, Rishi would take the unconscious Tanuja in his car to the hospital. As the fate would have it, Rishi would not be able to see her face, as it will be covered with a dupatta.

Later, Rishi reaches the office for a meeting. He is about to enter the building, but there would be a bomb blast! Rishi narrowly escapes the blast and thus gets saved.It has to be recalled that, Rishi was catering to Tanuja’s wounds and thus he was late for the meeting. If he would have arrived even moments before, he would have possibly died.

Tanuja has entered Rishi’s life again, and as always saved him from death! Stay glued to this space for more updates.