Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Mr. Bajaj Tries to Murder Anurag, Or is it so?

Star Plus’ TRP acing show Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 brings new wanders aimlessly consistently and we are back with one more intriguing update about the show. The show is continually seeing high-voltage dramatization and right now the show is ablaze with Rishab Bajaj and Prerna’s adoration track on one hand and Maasi’s abhorrent schemes then again.

In the continuous scenes, we see that Mr. Bajaj is beginning to have affections for Prerna. He even admitted before her that he felt awful when Prerna got over his hand while snapping the picture a day or two ago. The present scenes are likewise concentrating on how Anurag is seen testing Bajaj about Prerna’s undying affection for the previous and how he will win back Prerna.

In any case, the up and coming scene will be very sensational and energizing as in the promotion we see that some conceal men attempt to slaughter Anurag in rest. All things considered, they don’t prevail in their thought process, however when Anurag asks them who sent them, they take Mr. Bajaj’s name. This stuns everybody and they take a gander at Mr. Bajaj with doubt, however the curve in the story is that the entire trick is carried on by Maasi.

By what means will Mr. Bajaj substantiate himself blameless out of it, will enthusiasm to watch.