Keshav Malhotra: I Would Like to Collaborate With Avneet Kaur

Keshav Malhotra is a multi gifted craftsman, he’s an artist, on-screen character, model and even a writer who has been composing and creating his own tunes since he was sixteen. He has performed at numerous spots and caught the majority consideration flawlessly by his crude and beguiling character. As of late, Keshav was found in a music video with Reem Shaikh titled ‘Teri Aankhen’ which circulated around the web via web-based networking media.

In a restrictive meeting with Keshav, we got some information about his experience, who he might want to work together with for his next and substantially more…

You as of late did a music video with Reem, ‘Teri Aankhen’, so how was the experience?

It’s obvious, I am another comer fundamentally in the business, however music? It’s all in my qualities, it’s all in my family. With regards to music, it’s my obsession, it’s my adoration. So there is the same old thing for me in that. I am placing my heart into it.

How was the experience functioning with Reem?

It was pleasant, it was exceptionally smooth. Our vitality coordinated from first gathering itself and the procedure from that point onward, the shoot and advancements went simple for us.

From where do you as a rule discover motivation for your music?

I would prefer to consider it a vibe, similar to when I am voyaging, when I am heading off to some place, really it’s about the adventure. The vibe hits you in a flash. That is my motivation, it attracts me to move further and accomplish something.

Who would you like to work together with straightaway?

Avneet Kaur. I think she is an exceptionally lovely entertainer and I might want to team up with her. I figure our affinity will be coordinated effectively.

We have seen it that this year there is all of a sudden a pattern of music recordings. It was there during the 90s however now it has returned. What might you want to remark on that?

I think these days individuals are getting a stage. Stages like Youtube and Instagram is accessible for everybody and you can perceive how effectively individuals accomplish fame through stages like Tik Tok. It’s just plain obvious, when you transfer something on Tiktok, you are lip matching up. Individuals see where they can get the best and quick chance and afterward they approach.

Watch out the video underneath:

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