Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi February 15, 2017 written update: Suhana makes Dev think of Sonakshi

Dev is astounded to see Jatin with Suhana. He supposes Suhana is his youngster.

Vicky inquires as to whether she had met Sona. Ishwari reveals to him that simply like Dev, Sonakshi is additionally not dating anyone.

Suhana discloses to Jatin that Golu’s uncle gave her a rose. He is a pleasant man and her new companion. Sona achieves school and gets stressed on observing Suhana with wraps. Suhana requests that her quiet down.

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Dev sees Jatin and Sona with Suhana. He gets befuddled. Jatin asks Sona for what valid reason she looks strained. She reveals to her that Dev’s mom is annoying her. She enlightens him regarding the USB having their lunch video recording.

Jatin converses with Sona about marriage and she gets stunned. She clears out.

Dev strolls into his room and sees Ishwari and Mamaji sitting. He instructs them to leave as he wouldn’t like to converse with anyone. He then separates and discloses to them that he is harmed as Sona has proceeded onward and is with another person.

Sona achieves home and tells Asha and Bejoy that she won’t get hitched once more. In the meantime, Dev additionally advises this to Ishwari and Mamaji.

Dev goes to drop Golu to class and meet Suhana once more. While talking Suhana advises Dev to call her Miss Bose and he gets shocked. He becomes mixed up in Sona’s musings and begins missing her.