Kullfi Kumar Bajewala: Mohit Malik’s double role to amp up the drama in the show

Star Plus’ popular drama Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala featuring Mohit Malik is getting more and more interesting each passing episode. With every new episode the track takes a new turn and audience are left surprised with so much going on in the show.

According to the current track, Sikander’s behavior change in the show has left everyone baffled. He has even refused to consider Kullfi as his daughter. However, Kulfi has been seeing a dream wherein she meets her father in a certain isolated area. Kulfi has in fact drawn a picture of the place which actually happens to be the accident spot of Sikandar. Moreover, Kulfi goes to that particular place with the help of her Benaam Group friends wherein she gets an access card of a certain hospital.

Well, now there’s yet again twist in the tale, as the Sikander seen in the home acting weird is not the real Sikander. Yes, you heard that right! In the coming track we will see Mohit playing a double role. Apparently, sources say that the real Sikander is somewhere near only but what’s stopping him to return and how he will get back will be yet another mystery.

Recently, Mohit and producer of the show Nilanjana shared a sneak peak introducing Bhola Bhaiya, which is actually the real Sikander. Complicated right? We agree.

Mohit has been working really hard for the complexity of his character. He has gone through a lot of transformation to get into Sikander’s shoes and his efforts are getting recognized too. Recently actor Karan Jotwani shared a long message praising Mohit’s performance in the show and the actor replied back with humility. Here have a look at his post:

We are really eager to find out the real reason behind real Sikander’s whereabouts and his condition, are you? Let us know in the comment section below.