Kumkum Bhagya heads for a one-month leap, actors Mugdha and Krishna open up

Zee TV’s popular fiction show, Kumkum Bhagya has been an audience favorite courtesy of its intriguing plot and the authentic portrayal of relatable characters like Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia), Pragya (Sriti Jha), Rhea (Pooja Banerjee), Aaliyah (Reyhna Pandit), Tanu (Leena Jumani), Ranbir (Krishna Kaul) and Prachi (Mugdha Chapekar). While the show has been keeping its viewers at the edge of their seats through some dramatic twists and turns, looks like the whole tale is going to turn on its head in the upcoming episodes as Kumkum Bhagya takes a one-month leap.

In the next few days, get ready to witness how Gaurav will lock Abhi and Pragya in a cold storage unit in an attempt to take his revenge. However, Prachi will come in the nick of time and save them. But after being admitted to the hospital, Abhi and Pragya will slip into a coma as Gaurav’s goons mess with their oxygen supply. On the other hand, when Prachi returns home, she and Sidharth will be locked inside a room, and knocked out by a gas released by Rhea. The latter will go on to call Ranbir, who will find them lying on a bed together and believe that they’re having an affair in the penultimate episode before the leap.

The narrative will fast-forward to a month down the line. As an all-new chapter unfolds post-leap, the audience will see how Prachi and Ranbir have separated, while Abhi and Pragya are still in coma. We will also see how a depressed Ranbir has used his anger constructively and become a major business tycoon. On the other hand, Prachi who was thrown out of the house, has taken shelter with Sushma ji in Bangalore.

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Talking about the leap, Krishna Kaul mentions, “After several years, Ranbir and Prachi had finally united and were happy. However, things will take a 360-degree turn after he sees Prachi with Sidharth. PranBir will go their separate ways and due to their separation, Ranbir will be really depressed. However, he will use all the negative energy to focus on expanding his business empire and will become a big business tycoon. While I am sad that things will go south for Ranbir and Prachi’s love story, I am happy that I will get to experience something different through this leap. As we all know Ranbir is a sweetheart, but with this new chapter, we will see a new side and avatar of him. I hope our fans keep showering us with love and appreciation as we try to entertain them through interesting twists and turns in the upcoming episodes.”

Mugdha Chapekar also added, “The leap brings a sad turn of events for Prachi as she not only witnesses her parents – Abhi and Pragya slipping into a coma, but her sister Rhea’s plan of separating her from Ranbir is also successful. It will be quite an emotional roller coaster for Prachi as she has to shift to another city leaving her family behind and it surely will be an interesting that I am really intrigued by! This new twist in Prachi and Ranbir’s bhagya is going will surely keep everyone hooked and I hope our fans and followers enjoy watching this new chapter as well.”

While Krishna and Mugdha are all set for the leap, the dramatic sequence of events will surely leave you surprised.