Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler: Pragya’s HOT Look Leaves Abhi Stunned & Tanu-Alia Fuming!

The producers of Kumkum Bhagya are leaving no stones unturned to make the show fascinating. Pragya (Sriti Jha) is attempting to restore Abhi’s memory, while Abhi is ignorant of him being pulled in towards her.

In an offer to make Abhi understand his adoration for Pragya, Purab chooses to play the affection diversion. Alia and Tanu’s arrangement reverse discharges as Purab acknowledges that he loves Pragya! Alia tries to make one stage, while Purab turns it towards Pragya’s support. With every passing day, Abhi and Pragya get nearer.

Tanu Warns Pragya In the up and coming scene, a pre-wedding party (single guy and Bachelorette gathering) will be sorted out. Abhi would have welcomed Pragya, while Tanu would have cautioned Pragya not to go to the gathering. Abhi-Pragya Abhi-Pragya It must be reviewed that Abhi had attempted to change Pragya’s look. He needed Pragya to experience a makeover, however she flops wretchedly. Abhi Though at first, he looks miracle and Pragya feels awful that she ruined Abhi’s trials, Abhi figures out how to reveal to Pragya that he enjoys her how she is and requests that her not change! Pragya’s Makeover Pragya’s Makeover

Also, Tanu’s notice would have changed Pragya’s psyche. Pragya will get a makeover and enter the gathering. Her hot looks will leave Abhi staggered. Abhi and Pragya Dance Abhi and Pragya Dance Abhi won’t have the capacity to remove his eyes off her. He takes her to the move floor. Abhi and Pragya move for a sentimental number. Tanu Fumes Tanu Fumes Seeing Abhi nearer to Pragya, Tanu exhaust. At first, she gazes them two move. Be that as it may, later, she pulls Abhi and tries to hits the dance floor with her. AbhiGya Abhi’s fixation will be on Pragya and he won’t have the capacity to hit the dance floor with her. While moving, he additionally trips! Tanu gets chafed with Abhi. Alia and Tanu Alia and Tanu Alia and Tanu seethe seeing their arrangement fall flat.

Alia insults Tanu that it didn’t appear like their gathering as Pragya stole the thunder. Alia Like dependably, Tanu asks Alia to help her. Obviously, Tanu and Alia will choose to execute Pragya in a similar gathering. Will they be fruitful? Story So Far In the past scene, we perceived how Abhi goes to Pragya’s home with a couple of young ladies. He requests that the young ladies do Pragya’s makeover. Pragya covers herself as she wore a short dress. Despite the fact that she felt awkward, she wore the dress for Abhi. He likewise makes her wear the pencil heels and requests that her do ‘feline walk’.

She strolls yet falls on Abhi. Evidently, the dress and different extras will be of Tanu’s. In any case, Abhi would have it for Pragya. At the point when Tanu gets some information about the dress, he deceives her that he kept them at office. At the point when Tanu requests that Abhi request that Rocky get the dress, he advises her to hold up till the following day. Tanu then discovers from office that Abhi has not kept the things in the workplace. She questions and hurries to Pragya’s home. She calls Pragya in outrage as she discovers her shopping sacks at Pragya’s home. At the point when Tanu sees Pragya in a cutting edge dress, she cautions her not to duplicate her as she can never get to be distinctly similar to her. She even requests that her not enter the gathering as she doesn’t have a place with her ‘standard’! Pragya is angry with Tanu’s words and is confused.