Kumkum Bhagya Takes A 7-Year Leap, Abhi Accepts Tanu As His Wife, Pragya Is Seen With Daughter Kiara

The much anticipated jump on Zee TV’s prevalent show, Kumkum Bhagya was broadcast yesterday (April 24). The show took seven years jump. Post jump, Pragya and Abhi are seen living independently. In the past scene, Abhi lashed out at Pragya and pointed the finger at her for Dadi’s demise. The relatives were defenseless and nobody upheld Pragya right then and there as everybody was stunned by Dadi’s demise. Broken with Abhi’s words, Pragya chooses to submit suicide and achieves a bluff! Post this occurrence, the show takes seven years jump. Post Leap Story – Abhi Is Happy With His Family Post jump, both Abhi and Pragya appear to have proceeded onward in their lives. In the most recent scene, Abhi was seen choosing his coat, while Purab and Disha’s child go along with him. Abhi overlooks his commemoration, while Purab’s child extorts him that he would advise this to his chachi! Abhi’s Wedding Anniversary Preparation Abhi is then observed disclosing a statue, while Purab goes along with him. Afterward, he joins his family for his commemoration party. Everybody is seen glad, while Mitali gets Abhi’s significant other for the cake cutting service. Pragya Is With Kiara On the other hand, Pragya scans for her girl Kiara, who is stowing away in the closet. The couple is seen having some good times. Pragya is additionally observed orchestrating a gathering with Farida bi. Abhi and Tanu Celebrate Anniversary Meanwhile, Abhi stuns watchers by tolerating Tanu as his significant other! The couple is seen cheerfully hitched and parties with the family. While Alia is upbeat for Abhi and Tanu, Daasi and others appear to miss Pragya. Kiara’s Father’s Birthday Celebration Meanwhile, Pragya takes Kiara to a show, where Kiara yells for her dad. Obviously, the pair will be at the show to observe Kiara’s dad’s birthday. Ruler Singh Saves Pragya According to the spoiler, when Pragya tries to confer suicide, King Singh would spare her. Post the episode, might be Pragya may have acknowledged King Singh’s little girl and settled with them in London. How Is Pragya Living Without Abhi? Thinking about how Pragya is upbeat without Abhi, whom she adored to such an extent! All things considered, we expect that either Pragya would have overlooked her past (in stun) or needs to say thanks to King Singh (Mishal Raheja) for his assistance (sparing her life).