‘Kundali Bhagya’ to witness the re-entry of actor Naveen Sharma

It is not similar territory for Zee TV’s spin-off show Kundali Bhagya to not be in the lower half of a Top 5 list but the past couple of weeks have been all the more shocking where it has been ousted from the list altogether. It doesn’t mean that the show is underperforming but it only means that other shows have been performing exceedingly well.

However, to keep viewers hooked on to the show and continue all the twists and turns, the show is now all set to witness a re-entry.

That’s right. Not a new entry but a re-entry. Actor Naveeen Sharma, who played the role of Akshay is all set to re-enter the show soon. In the previous track, Akshay broke all ties with Kritika and put the blame on Preeta. He claimed that because of Preeta’s fake accusations, he was breaking the alliance with Kritika leaving her heartbroken.

Now, the latest update is that Akshay will re-enter the show with deadlier plans. Needless to say, this re-entry will mean Akshay will be making Preeta and Kritika’s life – a living hell.