Little Kullfi juggles between exams and shoot

hild on-screen character, Aakriti Sharma, who is wearing the job of Kullfi in Star Plus’ every day Kullfi Kumarr Bajwela is observed to juggle with her exams and riotous shoot plans.

The multi year old comes each morning for the long 8 hours shoot with an appealing grin all over and exam worry in her mind she gives her best execution consistently. Aakriti Sharma (Kullfi) isn’t just an incredible on-screen character yet additionally a persevering understudy. Amid the break, she is frequently found with her books.

Not simply this, her reel life father Vishal Aaditya Singh, is seen helping her by taking educational costs at times. He regularly turns into an instructor to Aakriti simply like a dad would show his girl. She stated, “Vishal Bhaiya is a decent instructor, I comprehend all that he educates me. He generally tackles my questions and he guarantees my mom that I am contemplating. At present, I am shooting for my show and additionally contemplating for my exams, yet everybody is extremely supporting and it isn’t exceptionally troublesome.”

Aakriti puts stock in buckling down in all that she does and puts her central core in her work whether it’s acting or contemplating. Is it accurate to say that it isn’t so rousing to see a tyke being so committed?