Mahira Sharma’s Mom Sania: She is Being Targeted!

Mahira Sharma’s mom Sania Sharma is miffed nowadays. She feels that her little girl is being focused out of the blue and she answers it well with statistical data points.

“To begin with, in the event that somebody says that my girl doesn’t do anything in the house and is certainly not an independent player, at that point why 3 parathas per individual were made while she played out her kitchen obligations consciously. Also, she does the washroom work with productivity and there has been no bad things to say till date. Thirdly, name one undertaking where she didn’t develop as a victor or as a potential contender? These are generally strategies to put her down”.

What we see is 1 hour of the 24 hours spent. On the off chance that somebody wishes to offer such expression ought to likewise check for extra recordings appeared on the authority application and afterward there questions will be cleared.

Mahira has been a solid supporter for Paras from the beginning and keeps on doing as such, which doesn’t mean she is nothing without him. They are Ram-Lakhan Jodi, unbreakable and relentless. It is a pity that Hina Khan on her ongoing visit to the house ensured that she referenced my name to Mahira not once yet thrice, just to seed in distress in her psyche?

What makes it all the more awful, was that I was misquoted totally. I didn’t state I feel she isn’t solid, I said individuals state that yet it ought not influence her in the house and it was an insult for Rashami as she is the person who continues rehashing this. Moreover when Abu Malik said the equivalent, Mahira didn’t give it back or said anything as she regards him as a senior and senior ex contender. A great deal of her fans and our family know and accept that she is a solid challenger who has endure and played out the entirety of her assignments with most extreme genuineness, nobility and regard”.

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