Major Drama coming up in Star Plus’ ‘Nazar’; Vedashree to STALL Ansh-Ruby’s wedding!

Star Plus’ Nazar, has gradually however relentlessly advanced into the hearts of the gathering of people. Likewise, the producers and the channel have been getting a positive reaction for its exceptional idea and its execution.

As of now, the show is concentrating on how Vedashree is resolved on getting Ansh (Harsh Rajput) wedded to Ruby, in the wake of being confused by the last that she is his deliverer.

Notwithstanding, just before Ansh and Ruby’s wedding happens, Vedashree’s Panditji will achieve the house and inform her regarding Ruby.

It will so happen that just before the wedding, Panditji will see Ruby change into a daayan and this will prompt a fight between the two, where Ruby will attempt to slaughter Panditji. In any case, he will escape and achieve the house.

He will approach Vedashree and demonstrate her Ruby’s phony trishool tattoo, as well as disclose to her how she attempted to slaughter him.

He will then give Vedashree some spelled haldi, which she will put outside Ruby’s space to see her impressions. What’s more, when Ruby will venture out of the room, her lehenga will burst into flames, subsequently uncovering her actual self to Vedashree.

That is when Vedashree will venture in and stop Ansh and Ruby’s varmala’ service.

In what capacity will Ruby handle this difficulty to her arrangement? Will Vedashree be the Daayan’s next casualty?