Major revelations for the family in store for viewers of ‘Pandya Store’

Star Plus show Pandya Store has won the audience’s heart with its gripping plot and intriguing twists. Fans relate to each characters of the show. The current track revolves around Shweta coming back to the Pandya house with her wicked plans.

As per a recent promo of the show, audience can expect interesting twist and turns in the lives of the Pandya family. The promo shows Natasha is critical. Rishita blames Shweta for putting Natasha in this situation, to which the doctor informs the Pandyas that Natasha is critical and will require an urgent kidney transplant within a week. If the treatment is not provided, then Natasha can lose her life. The Pandyas are shocked to know her condition.

As per speculations, it will be revealed that only Cheeku can help Natasha. It will be interesting to see how Rishita will convince Cheeku and Dhara for the same.

Now, India Forums has learned about an exciting update about the show. The viewers are in for a high octane dramatical sequence wherein a major revelation will be witnessed. As per sources, soon Natasha (Chutki) and Cheeku will learn about the truth of their parents. Natasha has been brought up by Shweta and she consider her as a mother. While Cheeku is brought up by Dhara and thus he calls her ‘mother’. However, in the upcoming episodes, both Natasha and Cheeku will learn that they’ve been lied to. Natasha comes to know that Rishita is her real mother while Cheeku will be shocked to learn that Shweta and not Dhara is her real mother.

How Dhara, Rishita and Shweta will handle the questions of Natasha and Cheeku will be exciting to watch.