Mandeep moves to Dilpreet’s house after twenty-five years in Sony SAB’s Dil Diyaan Gallaan

Sony SAB’s Dil Diyaan Gallaan showcases how communication gaps led to differences in the three generations of Brar family. Audiences have resonated with the story of a family torn apart by misinterpreted situations, wounded sentiments, and intrinsic beliefs. The upcoming episodes will further showcase how such differences between the father-son duo Dilpreet (Pankaj Berry) and Mandeep (Sandeep Baswana) deal with each other’s presence around.

With Mandeep buying Dilpreet’s house, things have worsened between them. Dilpreet is extremely angry and upset that he has to now share the house with a son like Mandeep, who left him twenty-five years ago. For Dilpreet, Mandeep buying the house closest to his heart was the last straw. He decides to leave the house with his belongings as he can’t, under any circumstances, share the same house with his estranged son.

What will happen to the Brar family now? Will Dilpreet leave the house, or will Mandeep find a way?

Mandeep Baswana, who portrays the character of Sandeep, said, “Mandeep has now started realizing how minor misunderstandings in life take a very sour turn if left unattended to. So this time, he is taking charge and ensuring that Dilpreet has no option but to talk to him and sort out their old differences. Watching how Dilpreet and Mandeep figure their way out through this challenge will be interesting. Will Dilpreet leave the house, or will a new day bring new sunshine to their life?”

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