Mohit Kumar on Ek Duje ke Vaaste 2 Blast Sequence: I Was Nervous!

One who fears, can always lose. This is the conviction of two youthful people Mohit Kumar otherwise known as Shravan and Kanikka Kapur otherwise known as Suman who might be found in the job of armed force faculty. At the point when they picked the job, they realized it would not have been simple. The two on-screen characters are putting in all the hardwork to hold fast up to the desires for their group and are prepared to allure the watchers.

The primary Season of Ek Duje ke Vaaste had been a wrath among the crowd and there are enormous desires from the up and coming season. Set against a military background, Ek Duje ke Vaaste 2 is a dazzling romantic tale with a present-day contact. The cast of the show as of late went for the promotion of the show in open air areas like Satara and Ladakh, where they went for the arrangement of their military life.

While the shoot required the prompts perform numerous tricks and they were given the alternative of having body copies for the equivalent, the two chose to go for it themselves.

During the shoot, Mohit Kumar went for an arrangement where he would be seen remaining on a tank and a bomb impact occurs out of sight. At the point when he came to think about the arrangement, he hushed up apprehensive as while the whole clamor and smoke would occur, he was required to be still and not free his appearances. This must be a one-accept shot as the whole procedure of impacting couldn’t be made once more.

Talking about this succession, Mohit stated, “This impact grouping was to be a piece of the promotions of the show and was my first activity arrangement. However, the group offered me a body twofold, I needed to shoot it myself. I was somewhat anxious as among all the bedlam that the impact would have, I was to stop and keep up my feelings and it was a one-time and a controlled impact. I am happy that I could deal with the shot effectively.”