Mohit Malik on Quitting Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: It’s Going to be ‘Teary Farewell’!

Entertainer Mohit Malik who got huge distinction, ubiquity and love for his character Sikandar in Star Plus’ celebrated show Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala opened up on leaving the show. In an elite discussion, he uncovered about his likely arrangements and how he feels leaving the show.

Extracts From The Interview:

You had been a piece of numerous shows previously however your character Sikandar in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala has earned you an uncommon spot in individuals’ souls. How can it feel to leave the show?

Indeed it is as yet soaking in that Kulfi will be off air soon, yet as is commonly said, finishing is a fresh start, so that is the manner by which I am taking a gander at this. Saying farewell to the show has unquestionably got me exceptionally passionate, as me as well as our whole cast and group in the course of the most recent two years has connected to the show. So it certainly will be a sad goodbye for us just as the show’s well-wishers and fans.

How is it functioning with Gul and Nilanjana?

Working with Gul, Nilanjana and the whole cast and group of Kulfikumar infact was a magnificent encounter in the course of the most recent two years. We have all right now time become family, and will consistently value our astounding encounters together.

What are your arrangements after the show?

I am certainly taking a gander at a bit of personal time post the show. I might want truly prefer to loosen up and unwind for some time right now.

Is there any sort of jobs that you are searching for?

I am somebody who likes to try different things with what I can grandstand on screen, as my decent variety as an on-screen character is the thing that in the end draws out the best in me. So a content or job that interests me or is something I have not chipped away at before is certainly what I am going to take a gander at.

Will you miss the show?

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