Mohit Malik To Sing A Special Number On ‘Lockdown Ki Love Story’

Mohit Malik who is right now found in Lockdown Ki Love Story will before long be making his singing introduction. The entertainer will be singing a unique number in the up and coming scene of the show. Mohit’s character will be singing the melody to his on-screen accomplice Sonam otherwise known as Sana Sayyad.

Affirming the news and discussing the experience Mohit shared that his character Dhruv will sing ‘Tum Hi Ho’ for his sweetheart Sonam. Mohit referenced that he did yet riyaaz before the primary shoot yet he was apprehensive as he was singing on TV for the absolute first time, yet some way or another he figured out how to sing and was valued by everybody on the set.

Mohit is glad to be essential for the show and playing the character as he is investigating new things.

The entertainer prior played the character of Sikander on Kullfi Kumar Bajewala yet the crowd will first time hear his unique voice.