MTV Roadies: Contestant Jibran gets eliminated as female participants accuse him of sexual harassment

MTV Roadies Rising, which sees Neha Dhupia, Prince Narula, Rannvijay and Nikhil Chinapa as judges, broadcast its most recent disposal as of late. Shockingly, Jibran, a male competitor, was tossed out of the truth appear as female members blamed him for sexually bugging them.

It started with Shweta Mehta from Neha Dhupia’s pack, who portrayed the episode about how Jibran went into her room without authorization and killed the lights. This made Rannvijay and Neha irate. They doubted his honesty and his expectations for doing as such.

Not able to remain calm, Nikhil told him,”I will toss you out right at this point. Do you comprehend what assault culture is, you are the living case of it.”

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At the point when Prince Narula requested that a fan remain in breaking points who approached Yuvika for a kiss

Shweta’s fearlessness made different young ladies moved into the open, as well. Another female challenger Jagriti Shah told everybody how Jibran said her dress would have some good times, had it been shorter. What’s more, Samyukta Hegde blamed him for approaching her to state her aroma occupied him.

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In the wake of hearing every one of the claims, Jibran attempted to play guiltless and professed to black out. In any case, the judges were firm on their choice to dispose of him from the show.

The scene circulated this end of the week.