Mujhse Shaadi Karoge: Gautam Gulati slams Shehnaaz Gill for disrespecting the contestants

Mujhse Shaadi Karoge: Gautam Gulati will enter the show as the host in today around evening time’s scene.

ujhse Shaadi Karoge will get a host in Guatam Gulati in today around evening time’s scene. The Bigg Boss 8 champ will make a fantastic passage moving on the tune Bachna Ae Haseeno. Shehnaaz Gill, who is a self-admitted Gautam Gulati fan, will be eager to see him.

Nonetheless, Shehnaaz Gill’s energy will be brief. Gautam will impact the Bigg Boss 13 candidate for disregarding the contenders who are on the show as her suitors. He reveals to her that there must be a major issue with her and none of the candidates are requiring exertion to charm her. He says, “Ek bande ka samajh mein aata hai, do ka samajh mein aata hai, abdominal muscle sare ke sare agar aapke saath exertion nahi kar rahe hain, kahin na kahin toh kuch gadbad aap mein bhi ho sakti hai na.”

Shehnaaz Gill is very evident that she won’t give them consideration. She says, “Fundamental toh consideration dungi nahi inko. Primary bulati hoon sabko bunch mein ki aajao yaar fun karte hain.”

Gautam reveals to her this is certifiably not an enjoyment show and discloses to her that the competitors are on the show for her and even she is there as a result of them. “Yeh yahaan standard aapke liye ayein hai aur aap bhi yahaan hai inke liye.

When Gautam inquires as to whether any of the candidates might want to dismiss Shehnaaz, Mayank Agnihotri lifts his hand. Gautam asks him what he feels was missing from Shehnaaz’s side, he says, “There is no vitality for Shehnaaz. Shehnaaz has been close. Poke se principle aya hoon, Shehnaaz ne kabhi bhi ek exertion nahi liya…ki kabhi alag se bula ke humlogo se jaanne ke liye, ki tum kya karte ho.”

Shehnaaz Gill lashes out at him and says that Mayank is attempting to make a discussion. Furthermore, additionally discloses to him that he doesn’t have the right to be on the show. Gautam Gulati intrudes on Shehnaaz when she says, “Yeh mera show hai.”

Gautam discloses to her that she is disregarding all the candidates who are on the show for her and this isn’t only her show. “Galatfehmi hai aapki. Yeh aapka show nahi hai. Yeh unka bhi show hai. You can’t affront somebody like that. Aap ek jane ki affront nahi kar rahi ho Shehnaaz. Aap yahaan pe sabki slight kar rahi ho,” he includes.