Murder drama in And TV’s ‘Agnifera’

What’s more, TV’s Agnifera will see real show in the up and coming scenes. There is a glad minute in the house in any case, as group of onlookers has seen, Vishu (Mohak Khuranna) turns insidiousness and endeavors to kill.

In the up and coming scene the specialist will report Srishti’s (Simrann Kaur) pregnancy and on taking in this Vishu will be irate. He will obviously need Srishti’s kid to kick the bucket.

Vishu will bring forth a ruthless plot to hurt Shrishti. He will blend an unsuccessful labor pill in Srishti’s Prasad.

Anyway toward the end because of some circumstance Srishti doesn’t eat the prasad and Vishu’s arrangement will come up short.

Presently isn’t that going to be painful to watch?