Naagin 3’s Anita Hassanandani opens about embracing motherhood

Television performer Anita Hassanandani and spouse Rohit Reddy are frantically enamored and look just charming together. While her co-star from Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Karan Patel is prepared to grasp parenthood, the performing artist as of now needs to center around her up and coming show Naagin 3.

“Not at the present time, right now Naagin is my concentration yet unquestionably eventually might be beside one year from now (2020),” Anita told

At the point when tested further if Rohit and she talk about having babies, she says, “Truly, obviously. At this moment Naagin is my infant and happily Rohit comprehends that we both are focussing on our work so might be beside one year from now we may choose to have. How about we perceive how it goes.”

Discussing hubby Rohit the on-screen character feels that he has gotten a ton of energy her life and with him it doesn’t feel that they have been hitched for a long time now.

“Rohit has gotten a great deal of energy my life. Despite everything I feel like a recently wedded couple who adores going out and getting to know one another. He keeps me grounded and doesn’t give achievement a chance to get into my head. When I go home following a tumultuous day of shoot we discuss such a significant number of things and giggle. There are times when I am down and I would prefer not to go out, yet he takes me out and brightens me up. After Rohit came in to my life, I turned into a cheerful individual, my profession took-off, I began looking great.”

Anita will assume the part of naagin Vishakha in the forthcoming end of the week TV arrangement.