Naamkaran SPOILER ALERT: Neil Has A Surprise For Avni; Vidyut Is Mishti’s Father!

The producers of Naamkaran are keeping the gatherings of people stuck to the show. Mishti and Vidyut’s entrance has expedited another bend the show. In the past scene, Neil and Avni (Aditi Rathore) figure out how to get Mishti, however Avni and Mishti get got by Vidyut and his men, who take them in a jeep. Neil tails them. In the interim, Ali spares Mishti and Avni, however later he gets assaulted by Vidyut. Neil goes ahead time and safeguards everybody. Read on to know the up and coming track and bear in mind to watch the promo toward the end… Neil Busy; Avni Irritated! Neil is occupied with his work and listens to Avni. She gets aggravated and leaves the room. Neil Interrogates Vidyut Neil is caught up with cross examining Vidyut, so he becomes acquainted with reality. In the interim, Avni is seen investing energy with Mishti. The house individuals are additionally content with Mishti’s entrance. Mishti and Avni Mishti is seen influencing a doll to house. She makes a doll and calls it, Avni. She doesn’t specify about Juhi. Avni tries to disclose to Mishti that Juhi cherishes her and she is additionally her companion, yet Mishti doesn’t tune in to Avni. This bombshells Juhi, and she leaves the room. Neil and Avni Get Closer Meanwhile, Neil and Avni share a sentimental minute. Juhi comes looking for Mishti and watches Neil and Avni nearer. She gets humiliated seeing them. Indeed, even Avni and Neil feel cumbersome! Naamkaran NEW PROMO On the other hand, the producers have discharged another promo, where Avni and Mishti are seen playing find the stowaway. Avni guarantees to spare Mishti from Vidyut. Vidyut Is Mishti’s Real Father! However, Vidyut alarms Mishti. He even discloses to Mishti that he can’t escape him for quite a while as he is her genuine father! Will Avni become more acquainted with that not Neil, but rather Vidyut is genuine father of Mishti! Stay bolted to this space for the most recent refresh of the show.