Naamkaran Spoiler: Avni Is Shattered By Neela Maa’s Death; Vidyut Blackmails Avni To Marry Him!

The producers and the performers of Naamkaran appear to be unaffected with the gossipy tidbits about the show going off air, as new curves have been presented on the show. We as of late observed a stunning way out! Shockingly, Sayantani Ghosh’s character, Neela has finished on the show. In the past scene, we saw in the matter of how Vidyut uncovers to Gurumaa that he slaughtered Neela rather than Neil. Gurumaa discloses to Vidyut that with Neela’s passing, he has now lost everything, even Avni. Then, Avni is broken with Neela maa’s passing, she reviews Dayaben’s words (that Avni is terrible sign for everybody) and points the finger at herself for Neela’s demise. Read on to know the forthcoming turns… Neil Investigates Vidyut’s Goon, But In Vain! In the up and coming scenes, Avni and Neil are endeavoring to discover confirmations against Vidyut. They would have captured Vidyut’s goon, whom Neil should explore. Shockingly, the goon doesn’t uncover anything to Neil. Avni Investigates Vidyut’s Goon It is then Avni ventures into Neil’s shoes! She assumes control over Neil’s work, wears his tag and begins examining the goon. Shockingly, he would uncover reality! Vidyut Proposes Avni! As indicated by the most recent spoiler, Vidyut isn’t finished with his retribution and he keeps on making Avni’s life, a horrific experience! Vidyut will propose to Avni and shakedown her to wed him! Vidyut Blackmails Avni Apparently, Vidyut will have a video, which demonstrates Prakash had shot Neela and not him (Vidyut). He reveals to Avni that in the event that she doesn’t consent to wed him, he would discharge the video and get Prakash captured! Sayantani Ghosh Exits Naamkaran! It must be reviewed that we had as of late refreshed our perusers about Sayantani Ghosh’s goodbye party. The on-screen character had additionally shared numerous photos and enthusiastic posts on her online networking account. She had additionally expressed gratitude toward executive, Mahesh Bhatt, group and the channel for giving her the chance to play the wonderful character. Mahesh Bhatt Shares An Emotional Post Now, Mahesh Bhatt had shared a passionate post, in which he has posted a photo of his ‘other’ mother, Hemlata and expressed gratitude toward Sayantani Ghosh for playing the character, Neela maa, perfectly. Mahesh Bhatt Writes… “The character of Neela MA in #Naamkaran was sourced from my sincere sentiment appreciation for my ‘other’ mother Hemlata ben. Much obliged to you @sayantani0609 for emptying your spirit into it. 🙏🙏🙏” We Will Miss Neela Maa… Well, we should state that Neela was without a doubt a lovely character! Fans are annoyed with Sayantani’s exit and needs producers to take her back to the show. Sayantani’s colleagues had additionally shared posts in which they uncovered that they will miss the on-screen character on the sets.