Naamkaran Spoiler: Avni SLAPS Saisha As She Gets To Know She Is Pregnant!

The producers of Naamkaran are keeping the watchers stuck to the show with the most recent storyline. In the up and coming scenes, a stunning truth about Saisha will be uncovered, which will prompt a noteworthy dramatization on the show. In the past scene, we saw regarding how Neil takes Saisha to Aisha’s grave and tries to tell that whatever Avni did was for Saisha’s joy.

He additionally advises her with respect to how Avni’s mom, Aisha Maa, never got the status of being Ashish Mehta’s significant other, and how Ashish tunes in to his mom simply like KK. Avni Arrested Meanwhile, Avni gets captured as she had slandered MLA Vidyut. She had faked her demise to put Vidyut in a correctional facility. Neil acts the hero and safeguards her out. KK Wants To Marry Saisha On the other hand, KK uncovers to his mom Kamini that he cherishes Saisha.

He even requests that her let them get hitched. This incenses Kamini, who yells back at KK. Saisha Goes Missing In the up and coming scenes, Saisha’s wedding with KK breaks. Annoyed with the improvement, Saisha goes out. Avni, Neil and Sukoon house kids get strained as Saisha disappears. Saisha Is Pregnant Later, Avni will become acquainted with that her girl, Saisha is pregnant with KK’s youngster. She likewise becomes more acquainted with that Saisha has been concealing this since quite a while. Avni Slaps Saisha After knowing reality, Avni loses her cool and slaps Saisha. Then again, Saisha is smashed and is seen crying wildly the whole day.

She additionally admits to Avni that she adores KK. Avni and Saisha Avni, who couldn’t see Saisha cry wildly, strokes her. Saisha apologizes to everybody and Avni. She discloses to Avni that she can beat her, yet can’t allow her to sit unbothered. Will Avni and Neil Get Saisha Married To KK? It must be viewed with respect to how Neil and Avni control the circumstance. Will they get Saisha and KK wedded? In what capacity will Kamini respond to this? Stay bolted to this space for the most recent updates of the show!