Naamkaran SPOILER: Finally, Neil Reaches Rang Mahal; Dayawanti & Amol Try To Escape!

The creators of Naamkaran are keeping the watchers stuck to the show with Gurumaa and Dayawanti’s track. Juhi is stuck in Rang Mahal, and Avni (Aditi Rathore) gets hijacked by Gurumaa and Dayawanti’s goons. Dayawanti becomes more acquainted with that Juhi is Neil’s ex, and insults Avni. She says such Avni’s reality too will end up noticeably like her mom! Juhi is harmed to realize that Avni is Neil’s better half. Be that as it may, to leave Rang Mahal, the young ladies hold hands. Look at the forthcoming turn in the show…

Avni Sold! In the up and coming scene, amid ‘nilami’, the client picks Juhi. At the point when the customer tries to touch Juhi, Avni cautions the customer. The customer is inspired with Avni, and now rather than Juhi, the customer picks Avni. Avni Dances For Neil Avni is stressed as she is stuck in Rang Mahal. However, she is sure that Neil will protect Avni, Juhi and different young ladies. Avni is compelled to move. She will be seen moving for Neil. Avni In Bengali Avatar Also, Gurumaa will be seen applying sindoor to all suhagans, yet she stops before Avni and insults her by calling her ‘unfortunate’. Be that as it may, Gurumaa slips and the sindoor falls on Avni. Gurumaa

Neil Enters Rang Mahal Neil, who is suspended, alongside his partners’ assistance and makes an arrangement to enter the Rang Mahal. Evidently, they come to the Rang Mahal, by entering inside a gigantic Ravan’s representation! Avni Gets To Know Amol’s Truth In the forthcoming scene, Avni becomes more acquainted with Amol’s fact. She is furious at Amol and goes looking for him in the Rang Mahal. Dayawanti and Amol Try To Escape But, Dayawanti and Amol endeavor to escape from the place by taking Ragini’s (Gurumaa) cash. Since Neil is in the Rang Mahal and Avni is additionally hunting down Amol and Dayawanti, it must be seen whether they escape from the place or not. Neil and Avni’s Romantic Moment Meanwhile, Neil meets Avni and they both embrace each other. The pair share a sentimental minute. All things considered, it must be seen whether, Neil will have the capacity to spare different young ladies and safeguard them from Rang Mahal.