Nawazuddin Siddiqui-Niharika Singh affair and his book land him in more trouble

It’s been a somewhat turbulent week for Nawazuddin Siddiqui. As far back as portions from his journal, An Extraordinary Life was distributed in a day by day, there have been individuals hitting out at him and others blaming him for manufacturing stories to offer his book. Presently, Nawazuddin’s portrayal of his undertaking with his Miss Lovely co-star Niharika Singh has landed him stuck in an unfortunate situation.

In the first place, Niharika Singh hit out at him for telling lies in his book, saying that he didn’t take her assent before expounding on their story. That was trailed by Nawazuddin’s first sweetheart Sunita Rajwar calling his book ‘phenomenal untruths’. The most recent advancement is that a Delhi-based promoter has enrolled a protest with the National Commission for Women (NCW) for offending the humility of Niharika Singh, a report in Mid-Day said.

The promoter educated the day by day regarding his objection, “I don’t know Niharika Singh actually nor have I addressed her. I have held up an objection with NCW with a demand to provide guidance for the enrollment of FIR under segments 376 (assault), 497 (infidelity) and 509 (offending the humility of a lady) of IPC. He was clearly hitched when he was engaging in extramarital relations with Niharika and kept her out of the loop about it.”

His dissension peruses, “The on-screen character has distributed it without having qualms about how this sort of act can demolish the wedded existence of the casualty. For printing cash and collecting free reputation for his book, the on-screen character has dealt the humility of a lady.”

The book, that will be propelled one month from now, has concocted a veritable tempest what with his lady friends blaming Nawazuddin Siddiqui for advising lies in his journal to ensure it takes off the stands.

A week ago, after selections including his extramarital undertaking with Niharika Singh were distributed, Niharika said that she was kept oblivious about Nawaz’s significant other.

“I discovered simply after I was with him that he had a spouse in the town whom he never talked about. With Nawaz, it’s hard to tell who he’s with on the grounds that he would once in a while give me a straight answer,” Niharika said.

In an announcement to the media, Niharika additionally said how he had controlled ‘a temporary relationship’.

“Nawaz and I had a short relationship in 2009 amid the making of Miss Lovely that kept going not as much as a couple of months. So today when he paints me as a lady in hide alluring him into her room with candles, or urgently calling him and mailing other ladies for his benefit, I can just snicker. He clearly needs to offer his book and no doubt he will adventure and insolence a lady just to do as such. He has created stories and control a short lived relationship. None of what he has composed has been with my insight, not to mention my assent. It is this very part of Nawaz that made me end my association with him in any case. I have constantly kept up that he’s a splendid performing artist. Be that as it may, I had trusted these acting abilities would have stay restricted just to the screen. All things considered, I wish him well,” the Miss Lovely performing artist said in her announcement.

After Niharika, Nawazuddin’s first sweetheart Sunita Rajwar took to Facebook to pen a note on how Nawaz’s book was a bundle of ‘uncommon falsehoods’.

Sunita wrote in a post on Facebook, “Kayi baatein Nawaz ne apne mann se, apne hisaab se aur apne haq mein likhi hai, chit bhi meri, pat bhi meri sorts. Unhone badi hello there khubsoorati se khud ko bura bhi keh diya hai aur utni greetings khubsoorati se apni burayi ka saara thikara auraton standard bhi phod diya hai, khaas kar mujhpe, kyunki unki maane toh unimportant baad unka pyaar se aur auraton se vishwas howdy uth gaya tha aur unke saare feelings RIP yaani rest in peace ho gaye the (Nawaz has composed numerous things from his own particular creative ability and additionally changed certainties to show himself in a positive light. With extraordinary ability, he has called himself a terrible individual and with a similar aptitude, he has pointed the finger at it on ladies, particularly me, in light of the fact that as indicated by him, I was the reason he quit trusting in affection and ladies and every one of his feelings kicked the bucket.)”

The NCW may summon Siddiqui one week from now.