New mysteries to unfold in Colors TV show ‘Nima Denzongpa’

Colors’ TV show ‘Nima Denzongpa’ is getting quite interesting and has kept the viewers glued to the TV screens. The show recently witnessed actor Manish Raisinghan’s entry in the show as Manav. Manav is none other than Virat and have lost his memory.

In the upcoming episodes, Nima throws the teddy bear in the dustbin thinking it of a prank. The next morning, Sunita learns from a neighbor that Sujata and her family didn’t let anyone enter their house lately mentioning that the husband was ill. Meanwhile, while Nima does the aarti, Manav hears and starts walking towards her in a state of trance. The priest and Manav praises Nima for her singing and while eating prasad Manav ends up coughing badly. Nima immediately realizes that Manav is allergic to Kesar. Later, Nima and Sunita again get surprised to receive another teddy bear with a message.

Furthermore, Nima feels tickling on her face and she opens her eyes only to see a man with monkey cap in front of her. Startled Nima starts screaming for Sunita’s help but all in vain as Sunita doesn’t wake up. Nima tries to escape and save herself but couldn’t as the man holds her tightly. Nima somehow manages to run out of the house, and barges into Manav. To help Nima, Manav immediately runs behind the man to get a hold of him. Dodging all the obstacles Manav finally manages to nab the mystery man and takes off his monkey-cap.

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