New promo of ‘Faltu’ gives a glimpse into her developing chemistry with Ayaan Mittal

Ever since Starplus ‘Faltu’ has been released, it has started to capture the hearts of the audience. While the show has been receiving great love for its captivating story, the makers are not leaving any chance to keep up the excitement of the audience intact while coming up with interesting glimpses from the ongoing storyline. Taking this constant spree ahead, the new promo of the show has been released taking the audience deep into the world of Faltu’s journey and her developing chemistry with Ayaan.

As the new promo is finally out, it opens up an interesting chapter of the story where we see Faltu fighting back against the stereotype of society around accepting a girl child and her earnings for the family counting the same as that of a boy. Amid all her struggle, comes a helping hand when Ayaan Mittal steps into the scene to support her thoughts. This has eventually opened up a new chapter of Faltu’s life showcasing the developing chemistry of Ayaan Mittal played by Aakash Ahuja and Faltu played by Niharika Chouksey in the show.

Being a flag bearer of bringing such issues to light, Star Plus’ new show Faltu promises to be an inspirational story that holds a very strong message for society about the strength of a girl child. The show was released on 2 November 2022 on StarPlus and digitally streams on Disney+ Hotstar. And now that the new promo is out, it will be exciting to see how Faltu’s story unravels and where exactly it takes her!