Nikki Tamboli on not doing any TV except reality shows

Nikki Tamboli is certainly one of thr most popular names currently on the tube as we know, and she is indeed one of those names who became the person she is owing to immense popularity in Bigg Boss 14. Since her stint, Tamboli has done several shoots and othe projects but many have wondered if she will be in a TV show anytime soon.

Talking about it and other upcoming projects in an interview with ETimes TV, Tamboli said, “I have a few music videos lined up and now that I have tested negative, I can start shooting for them immediately. Apart from that, I am in talks with people for OTT and movies. I hope something good works out.”

She added, “I love reality shows because there I can get to be myself. My schedule is packed and I have back-to-back work lined up and I am grateful for that. I don’t want to do television, I just want to be a part of films. Television is very time consuming and I won’t be able to give so much of my time. My friend Rubina Dilaik is an expert in television because she knows how to manage her time and balance her work and other things. I won’t enter her space of expertise and will continue doing what I am good at, which is films and OTT.”

Her fans would love to see her in any project, be it anything indeed.