Not Shweta Tiwari, Megha Gupta to star opposite Avinash Sachdeva

Megha Gupta who got married with performing artist Siddhant Karnick in January, is good to go to make a rebound on TV. She will play the lead in the forthcoming show Inteqam Ek Masoom Ka inverse Avinash Sachdeva.

There was buzz that Shweta Tiwari was offered the part. Be that as it may, clearly things didn’t work out and now Megha has been settled to fill the role.

While Megha did not have any desire to disclose insights about her part, she was cheerful to discuss life post marriage.

“It’s great! When you wed the correct individual, things consequently become alright. It is essential to locate the perfect individual. Siddhant has turned out to be my closest companion and friend, and has been with me in my best and most noticeably bad circumstances.”