OMG! Arjit Taneja HOSPITALISED after being detected with dengue

Arjit Taneja, famously known for his character, Purab in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya is hospitalized. The performer has been admitted to a rural healing facility as he is determined to have dengue.

Arjit will soon be found in Triangle Film’s Kalirein on Zee TV in Chandigarh. Our sources educated us that, “Arjit was on an open air plan for Patiala for shooting and had quite recently come back to Mumbai for his birthday. On his birthday, he felt hot and experienced tests which uncovered that he is determined to have dengue. He should venture out back to Patiala after his birthday to continue the shoot. Despite the fact that he was excited about continuing the shoot, he couldn’t as the specialists have put him on total bed rest. He’s continually in contact with his creation unit and tingling to return to work, knowing the obsessive worker that he is. Be that as it may, he can just do as such subsequent to recapturing quality and recuperating totally. We trust he has an expedient recuperation!”

We reached Arjit who affirmed the news, “Truly, I am experiencing dengue and have been hospitalized for the same.”

We wish the performing artist great wellbeing and ask that he gets well soon!