Omkara to disguise as Dilpreet to win back Gauri’s love in ‘Ishqbaaaz’

Ishqbaaaz has been as of late seeing intriguing tracks, and adding to the bend will be another point to Omkara (Kunal Kulbhushan Jaisingh) and Gauri’s (Shrenu Parikh) romantic tale after their battle.

In the event that reviewed, Omkara put wrong affirmations on Gauri about engaging in extramarital relations with her English mentor, which later on, were cleared and his misconception was clear. Be that as it may, amdist the majority of this, Gauri gets hurt and comes back to Bareliy with a specific end goal to avoid Omkara.

Be that as it may, adding to the curve, Omkara will go to Bareily masked as Dilpreet, and wear another symbol as he will remain as a paying visitor with her. It will so happen that goons will go to her home requesting rent, yet she will be powerless and approach them for quite a while.

Furthermore, turning her hero will be Omkara, masked as Dilpreet who will pay her lease and not request anything consequently. Not knowing his identity or anything about him, she reveals to him that she needs no assistance. That is the point at which he will reveal to her that he needs a house to stay thus he can remain as a paying visitor in her home.

Not having the capacity to remember him, she will give him access and get ready nourishment for him. In the interim, Omkara accepts this open door to and apologizes to her, however Gauri turns befuddled as she has no clue that it is Omkara.

What will occur next and by what method will their romantic tale continue? To recognize what happens, continue perusing this space.