Pandya Store: Dhara gets abducted; Krish ends up in jail

Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Krish getting trapped by Janardhan which leads to Dhara’s kidnap. In the previous episode, Krish drops Kirti to her house as there was an autorickshaw strike. Janardhan saw the duo on bike and got furious.

In the upcoming episode, Janardhan stops Krish and accuses him of kidnapping his daughter Kirti. Krish goes to explain but he plants a slap on his face and calls police. He also calls on Gautam’s phone which is with Dhara and informs her about Krish being arrested. He gets him arrested and asks the inspectors to give him a tough punishment.

Dhara freaks out and search for Gautam and Suman in the house but couldn’t find them and hence she leaves the home and runs on the road. She faints. A mysterious woman takes her to a shady place which looks more like a brothel.

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Raavi looks out for Dhara in the entire house and couldn’t find her. She panics. Suman returns home. Raavi tells Suman that Dhara is missing. She tells her that she went to Prafulla’s house to give the bike keys to Krish as he had to drop Kirti home because there were no rickshaws. Suman senses that Janardhan is behind Dhara being missing.

Krish tries to give an explanation to the police and he slaps him. Janardhan returns home and confront Kirti. Janardhan’s sister manages the situation and states that Kirti was out to shop for a few ladies items which she couldn’t in front of the driver and hence she went all alone and took lift from Krish. She tells him that Kirti wasn’t even aware that Krish belongs to Pandya family. In the forthcoming episodes, Raavi informs Shiva, Gautam and Dev about Dhara not being found.