Pandya Store: Rishita creates a new plan to expose Deven and Shweta together

Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’ is getting the love from the viewers. Fans completely relate to each character in the show and shower their love on all of them. The upcoming episode will see how Rishita found out the truth and will plan to expose her in front of the family.

It will see how Rishita will plant CCTV cameras in back yard and message Deven from Shweta’s phone to come and collect jewellery. Rishita wants to expose Deven and Shweta together.

It’s already seen how Shweta secretly leaves the house by setting up pillows and blankets on the bed as she wants to confront her mother for giving all the wealth to Dhara. On the other side, Krish realises that Shweta really was planning to leave all along and has made her move.

Shweta’s mother gives her only two options – to either go back to the Pandya house to live a peaceful life there or to go back to the streets.

Will Rishita succeed in her plan and expose Shweta in front of the whole family?