Pandya Store: Shiva and Raavi share a moment of concern, Dhara faints on the road on her way to police station

Pandya Store on Star Plus has been constantly chruning out some massive twists and turns. And while things are happening one after the other, there’s more to follow. We will see ahead how everyone in the house is reminded about Shiva and Raavi’s divorce hearing, and this leaves everyone sad in the house. Dev, Gautam, and Dhara, all ask Shiva to talk things out and stop the divorce date in fact. Dhara also highlights how he just needs to take one step towards Raavi and she’ll come running back to him, and also tells him what she thinks is the problem behind his anger.

On the other hand, ‘Fui’ tells Anita that she will never be able to take Dhara off Gautam’s mind. Meanwhile, baa asks a panditji to look out for rishtas for Shiva, and this leaves Raavi upset. Raavi visits ‘maasi maa’ and she seems to be happy about the return, however, she tells the truth that they haven’t sent her away and she is here to take the court papers.

Amid all of this, Rishita comes bearing sweets as she gets a job, but no one reacts properly because of everything going on. Dhara congratulates her and also takes the sweet but Baa stops her from doing it. Dhara then gives her the bangles and tells her how she has gotten better ones for her because she felt bad. On the other hand, Rishita is upset once again as she sees everyone is unhappy but then celebrations kickstart but she is left annoyed once again, along with baa.

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Knowing Shiva is not well, and Raavi goes up to him to tell him that he should talk to her and not stay alone, but she still brings a glass of milk for him as Dhara asked her to, given he has a headache. This makes Shiva think how Raavi is becoming like Dhara and he did not think this would happen. They share a moment where Shiva tells Raavi how she would be having a headache as well given it is the court date the next day. Both of them are left in silence, while Rishita gives them an advice that fights aren’t a big deal, but understanding the love behind them is more important.

In the episode ahead, we will also see how Krish gets into trouble for allegedly trying to escape with Janardhan’s daughter. Dhara will then get a call from the station and rushes to take care of things, but on her way, she will faint.

What will happen next and how will things take a turn next? Keep reading this space to know more.