Pandya Store’s Kanwar Dhillon: Sat at home during last lockdown, so I know it is important to work right now

Kanwar Dhillon is currently in Bikaner, where he is shooting for his show Pandya Store. Given the new restrictions due to the lockdown, and the increasing number of cases, the actor told in an interview, how he is ready to work while being away from his family for months.

The actor told The Times of India how the only thing that has been on his mind is that no matter what, the work should go on and since he was at home during the last lockdown, he understands the importance of work. He added that it is not about staying away from his family for a month or two, but he is in fact ready to be away for months as well and does not mind. He said how he feels lucky to have work during the ongoing times.

He added how he lost a cousin due to the virus and said, “The times have been really tough for the nation. A few weeks back I lost my cousin in Delhi because of COVID. She was in her 40s. The saddest part is that we couldn’t arrange for a bed for her in Delhi. We had spent so much money in arranging medicines and injections for her but things got really worse for her and she couldn’t survive. The unfortunate part is that despite the first wave hitting us we were not prepared this time”.

Kanwar plays the role of Shiva Pandya in Pandya Store and is paired opposite Alice Kaushik. The actor has managed to garner rave reviews for his performance and the show has been doing well so far.