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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Mishti not persuaded about wedding Kunal

The scene begins with Mishti being with Abir. She is going to leave. Prior to leaving, Mishti disclosing to Kunal that he had overlooked his telephone in the medical clinic. His mom called up on his telephone yet she couldn’t talk with her and after that gave via telephone to the attendant. Both Abir and Kunal alarm that now their mom Meenakshi will come to know where they spent the whole day.

Abir and Kunal get stressed that Mishti got their mom’s telephone and ask her for what good reason did likewise. She gets confounded and leaves.

Rajeshwari converses with Devyani and discloses to her that she has picked Kunal for Mishti yet hasn’t gotten some information about her assent. Devyani says she more likely than not chose the best for Mishti.

Abir and Kunal achieve home, leaving Meenakshi stunned. Meenakshi reveals to them that he missed the Rs 100 crore bargain. Be that as it may, shockingly, Kunal educates his mom that he has split the Rs 100 crore bargain. Meenakshi solicits all from them to leave, as the following morning, Ketki’s sangeet function will occur.

Kunal doesn’t advise whatever else to his mom as Abir requests that he stay silent.

Mishti is confounded and calls up Kartik and Naira pretty much every one of that has occurred in her life. She reveals to them how Badi Dadi has picked Kunal for her yet she is confounded about her choice.

Be that as it may, Kartik and Naira advise her to relax.

Abir goes to meet his mom and gives her Kunal’s ticket for London that she had booked three days before his marriage was fixed. Meenakshi says she has picked the young lady who she thought was directly for her child.

At the Maheshwari house, Jasmeet is conversing with her significant other via telephone when Varsha comes over. She asks Varsha to not let Mishti get hitched to Kunal but rather Kuhu says she approves of it. Mishti apologizes to Kuhu however the last says she is cheerful and leaves.

At the Rajeshwari home, Abir’s Mami gets stressed as the decorator hasn’t touched base for the sangeet prepares.

Everybody endeavors to perk up Mishti and influence her to comprehend that the kid they have picked is the correct counterpart for her.

Rajeshwari is going to call Meenakshi when Mishti stops her and says needs time to consider the wedding. She likewise inquires as to whether Kunal isn’t the ideal individual for her.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Amyra furious with Kullfi

Mia attempts to impel Amyra by requesting that her demonstrate her predominance among the majority of the competitors. Amyra affronts Benaam bunch by method for hauling out treats from their pockets.

She calls them uneducated, voracious, and poor. Kulfi gives her an able answer. Amyra exhaust in displeasure.

Panditji actuates Mahesh contrary to Benaam gathering. He says Benaam gathering will rapidly be out from the challenge.

Mia acclaims Benaam bunch in the front of Mahesh. She inspires Mahesh to prepare them.

Kulfi winds up enthusiastic seeing Amyra and Sikander. She figures out how to contact Sikander’s feet.

Mahesh begins showing the children. Kulfi joyfully adheres to his directions.

Kulfi sings a tune to inspire her mates to give their best execution. Mahesh comes there and resents the children.

Kulfi apologizes to him. They demand him to educate them.

Amyra is desirous on observing Benaam bunch acting appropriately in the front of Mahesh.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Suhasini Dadi finds out about Gayu’s pregnancy

The scene begins with Suhasini Dadi being stressed for Naira and appealing to God for her prosperity. She trusts the creepy crawly wasn’t toxic. She takes a stab at calling Kartik and Naira, yet when she is unfit to associate, Suhasini calls the driver and hears Kartik discussing Gayu’s reports. She ponders what’s going on with Gayu.

After Gayu returns home, Rama approaches her and Devyani suspects something fishy. She calls Naira and inquires as to whether all is well with Gayu. She advises her not to conceal anything from her.

After Kartik and Naira return home, Purshottam talks about the task. At the point when Naira proposes something, he adulates her and requests that Kartik include her in business. Naira declines as she is taking care of a great deal of things and leaves. Purshottam requests that Kartik inspire Naira. Naira hears Suhasini asking Surekha to go to the medical clinic and get some answers concerning Gayu’s report. Suhasini sees Naira and inquires as to whether all is well with Gayu however she lies.

Afterward, Kartik and Naira call Gayu and Samarth and get some information about Gayu’s pregnancy. Gayu doesn’t concur as this would offend everyone. She says she isn’t happy with uncovering it to the family. Naira reveals to them that Dadi as of now questions her so it will be smarter to disclose to her reality. Naira is tenacious to uncover reality as she wouldn’t like to muddle things for her sister. While they are having the discussion, Suhasini is there as Naira had called her. In the wake of tuning in to them, Suhasini leaves.

Kartik and Naira search for Suhasini and become acquainted with that she has gone to Singhania house. Gayu is stressed over her Dadi. They touch base at the Singhania house and see Suhasini talking about the wedding. Dadi tells Naira and others that she will satisfy her obligations regardless of whether she is troubled. Gayu hurries to her room and separates. She lashes out at Naira for not tuning in to her. She reveals to her that she doesn’t care for that Suhasini is distraught at Naira on account of her. The sisters embrace it out.

Samarth meets Suhasini and reveals to her that he has no issue with Gayu’s pregnancy however Suhasini tells that their general public doesn’t acknowledge young ladies who are pregnant before marriage. Manish and others endeavor to influence her to see yet Suhasini doesn’t pay notice.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag and Prerna in threat

The scene begins with Prerna saying what will Komolika think when she discovers us here together. He requests that her stay silent. She yells Komolika. He closes her mouth. He says this battle is among you and Komolika, not between us. She yells we are here in the equivalent evolving room. Komolika requests that her open the entryway. Prerna says it isn’t opening. Anurag looks on. Prerna attempts and opens the entryway. She turns out and says we were in this little changing room together. Komolika peers inside. She says I think you have lost it. Anurag originates from the other evolving room. He asks Prerna what are you doing here. Prerna asks what are you doing here, you were with me. He hopped into other evolving room. He says no child, I came here on hearing you, is there any issue. Komolika says nothing. Anurag says I need you to wear this saree, this will look magnificent on you. Komolika says yes infant, why not, I will most likely attempt it. Prerna, he is my significant other, he got a dress for me. She goes. Anurag takes a gander at Prerna and grins.

Nivedita asks Mohini what’s the issue. Mohini asks what was occurring, don’t offer opportunity to Anupam that he approaches you. Nivedita says we are hitched, he is my significant other. Mohini says he was gotten with another lady in your room. Nivedita says we should not discuss it. Mohini says he is catching you. Anupam hears them. He says this isn’t valid, I will demonstrate to Nivedita that I adore her a ton.

Prerna says you are a chameleon, you change hues to conceal your fact. Anurag says I am your top choice, so you are pulled in to me, you cherish me. She hits his foot with the entryway. She says I need to go purchase gems for Shivani. He supposes I like her being near me. She takes a gander at him. He gives her a flying kiss. She signs to squash the kiss under her foot. She goes. He grins and supposes you are my duty, I won’t let anything happen to my and your family, I wish to disclose to Komolika that I despise her. Komolika comes and asks where is Prerna. He says she left, you look delightful. She says it is a terrible saree, I didn’t care for it. He says I like it. She goes to change. He supposes you are really a lowlife. The burglars go to the gem retailer. Prerna and Shivani go to a similar store and shop. The looters get in and point firearms. They undermine and shoot in air. Anurag hears the sound and asks Komolika did you hear anything. She says no, what occurred. They see individuals running.

He reviews Prerna’s words and says I overlooked my telephone, I need to go in. He keeps running in while she stops him. The burglars alarm individuals. They loot the store adornments. Prerna and Shivani battle them and attempt to run. Anurag comes there and yells Prerna. Prerna stops and says Anurag. Prerna and Shivani keep running back to see Anurag. Burglar gets Anurag at firearm point and asks Prerna not to attempt to get away. Anurag asks Prerna to simply go. Prerna says no, I am coming. She embraces Anurag. He says it is all fine, for what reason did you return. Shivani looks on and grins. She supposes they are made for one another, it is love, I wonder how Komolika divided them. Komolika says no, Anurag can fall in a bad position, in the event that I leave, he will think I m egotistical, I can’t disregard him. Anurag asks Prerna for what reason did she not hear him out. She inquires as to for what reason did you come here, let me know. He says on the grounds that I… She asks what. Shivani thinks disclose to her that you care for her.

Anurag supposes I care for you, however I can’t state. Prerna asks on the grounds that I what. He approaches did we come here for discussion, thoroughly consider how to get of here, we have to open the ropes first, we need to attempt as a group and we can do it, we can leave from here. They attempt and open to ropes. Komolika crashes into the burglar and chastens him. He shrouds the weapon. He asks is it a jewel ring, it is great. She expresses profound gratitude, it is superbly alright, next time, be cautious. She sees the firearm and attempts to run. He gets her and requests her to give the ring. She says no, its my wedding band. He gets her to Anurag. She yells abandon me. Prerna shrouds her telephone and endeavors to call police. She calls for help. She shrouds the telephone. Prerna supposes somebody will watch this and illuminate police, we will get spared.