Patiala Babes: New trouble for Hanuman & Babita After Naaembi’s Real Son’s Entry!

Sony TV’s Patiala Babe will before long observe another section in the show to acquire more bend and dramatization. The creators have so far engaged the group of spectators with an astounding storyline of a mother-little girl.

After the great wedding, the group of spectators will observer another passage that is gotten to bring more issue for Hanuman and Babita. The creators have restricted in Gaurav Roopdas who will enter the show as the genuine child of Naaembi while Meenali Mundra will play his on-screen spouse. Ariyan Sawant will be their child in the show. Gaurav will come back with wickedness thought processes and would need a lot of the property.

Watch out this space to find out about the show.