Pehredaar Piya Ki To Take A Leap; Beyhadh Gets New Time Slot!

Sony TV’s show Pehredaar Piya Ki is in news for the wrong reasons. We had as of late announced about the watchers’ online battle and the question and answer session that was held by the producers to illuminate about the substance of the show.

Be that as it may, BCCC felt free to held a meeting with the channel. The specialist requested that the channel move the show to late night space, and furthermore to run disclaimer expressing that the show does not advance the idea of kid marriage. Read on to know more…

Beyhadh and PPK Time Slot Change The fans will be calmed to realize that the show will be moved to 10 pm opening and Beyhadh will be publicized at 8.30 pm from August 22. Additionally, Pehredaar Piya Ki will take a jump.

PPK Post-Leap Story A dynamic storyline of 30-year-old Diya (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) and 21-year-old Ratan will be appeared.

The Controversy Is Not The Reason For The Leap! A source was cited by a main day by day as saying, “The jump will occur at the booked time. It isn’t so much that this jump is going on account of all the discussion or the request of that has been recorded. The jump was constantly expected to happen in October, three months from the day – July 17 – the show went on air.”

Tejaswi Is Happy With The New Time Slot Tejaswi was cited as saying, “Truth will dependably win. I am content with the new schedule opening as 10 pm is likewise prime time. Had our show been moved from 8.30 pm to 6.30 pm, I would have felt awful.”

Tejaswi Talks About The Leap About the jump, the on-screen character stated, “How can it have any effect? I think individuals are quite recently fixated on discussing the show, be it about the jump or the schedule vacancy.”

Tejaswi Adds… “I have been a piece of different shows where the time has changed or the jump has happened, yet there has never such buzz the way it is at the present time. The buzz will be significantly more if the jump happens.”

Tejaswi About Her Role Post-Leap… “We had a bank of 15 scenes and we are now shooting in front of that, so I can just inform you concerning my character at this moment.”

Suyyash Rai Is Happy With The Recent Development Suyyash Rai, who is additionally observed on the show, was cited by the main day by day as saying, “The majority of the general population who whined against the show have not watched it. Furthermore, I can wager on that. In India, individuals simply need excitement and they would successfully get that.”

Tejaswi Was Worried About The Show! “I recall when the contention began surprisingly, Teju (Tejaswi), who is a dear companion, called me and said how stressed she was. That time additionally I advised her not to stress.”