Post Shilpa Shinde’s clarification for skipping BB11 party, Arshi Khan posts a sly tweet

Bigg Boss 11 has seen a blind fall however it appears the candidates of the show are in no temperament to give former events a chance to be bygones.Bigg Boss 11 has seen a window ornament fall yet it appears the hopefuls of the show are in no disposition to forget about the past.

Previous Bigg Boss 11 mate Arshi Khan as of late facilitated a stupendous get-together gathering for the housemates. While Vikas Gupta, Priyank Sharma, Jyoti Kumari, Mehejabeen Siddiqui and others went to the gathering Shilpa Shinde gave it a miss.

This allowed gossipmongers to babble. Post the gathering, Arshi took to twitter and posted an obscure tweet what looked as though it was implied for Shilpa Shinde.

She expressed, “Har rishte me farz hota Hai poke kuch kiya jaaye to apne pehchaan ridge ko bulaya jaaye r jb wo aaye to acche se istaqbaal kiya jaaye

Bulana mera farz.

Aana unka farz


zameer hai yeh zameen hai. ”

” Rishte banana tumne sikhaya

r tum he bhool gyi wo

kitabo me darj tha hai

jah sabaq padhaya jamane ne. ”

Arshi amid associating with the media has communicated his failure over Shilpa’s nonappearance

Be that as it may, while conversing with us, Shilpa had cleared the issue and uncovered why she didn’t turn up for the gathering. She stated, “”There is no purpose behind not going to the gathering. Truth be told, I am not a gathering creature by any stretch of the imagination. My first gathering post-Bigg Boss was when Pawan Kumar basically dragged me to the gathering. I couldn’t state no in light of the fact that I have known him for a long time, from my first undertaking Bhabhi. So it resembled a home gathering for me. Additionally, in light of the fact that I have won Bigg Boss, I can’t toss state of mind for reasons unknown and have the starry nature. I dislike that. I haven’t gone to numerous gatherings in every one of these years. With the goal that’s the reason. I was out til late that day. So in the wake of returning, I truly didn’t feel setting off to the gathering and what’s the point in completing a convention.” She included, “There were a few things that occurred in the house that has been an awful fix yet I would prefer not to sulk about it. I am truly not a gathering creature. Truly talking at the first go I even overlooked that there was a gathering and I was out till late so when I returned and recollected about the gathering, it was at that point late and I didn’t have a craving for going. There’s nothing more to it. There was nothing else about it.”