“Priyanka has played better than Shiv during the whole season: Rutuja Sawant

This season of Bigg Boss 16 is near its end and the finale will be airing in February 2023. And people are busy talking about the players left in the house. Recently, actress Rutuja Sawant, who is an avid follower of the show, talks about Shiv and Priyanka’s game and reveals who played better than whom.

Professionally, Rutuja was last seen in the colors show ‘Pishachini.’ Apart from this, she is popularly known for her acting chops in the Star Plus show Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali and colors show Choti Sarrdaarni.

Talking about Shiv and Priyanka’s game in the house, Rutuja says,”According to me, Priyanka played better than Shiv during the whole season because I didn’t see Shiv fighting for himself over his friends. Whenever he was given a situation to choose himself or his friends, he supported them. But this show is not all about friendships, it’s about fighting hard for the trophy each day. He has even got bashed multiple times for playing in a mandali instead of playing alone. Even during the Ticket to finale task, he wanted Nimrit to reach the finale instead of himself. Due to all his friendships, he forgot to play and fight for himself.”

Rutuja further adds,”Whereas talking about Priyanka, her journey in the show has been amazing. Every day this girl fought to win the show and the passion she has can clearly be seen in her eyes. She was never into friendships except with Ankit. Unlike Shiv, she played for herself and not for her friends. Priyanka is a lone warrior in the house who has invested her inner self in this show. In my opinion, friendships do matter a lot, but when you are in a reality show your focus should only be on the trophy.”

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