#PromoReview: Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Hum’ seems like a simple yet twisted saga of three sisters

The long hold up to Ekta Kapoor and Alt Balaji’s up and coming endeavor, Hum is at last finished, where the trailer of the show as of late went live. At first called Kapoors, the show stars Ridhima Pandit, Karishma Sharma and Kushal Tandon is lead parts.

There was a considerable measure of expectation with respect to what is the show about, and now that I have seen the promotion, how about we discover..

What’s It About?

The essence of the show is really straightforward. It is a tale around three sisters, Devina (Ridhima Pandit), Isha (Karishma Sharma) and Sakshi (Payal Bhojwani), who are posts separated from each other, as far as their temperament or approach towards life. Be that as it may, it is generally about Devina and Isha, where the previous is the capable one and pledges to not give their family a chance to go into disrepair, while the last is a cheerful person who simply needs a rich way of life and that’s it.

Their bond is close and ordinary, however simply like anybody, they have their goals in life as well. Everything changes in that multi day that happens in their existence with the passage of Kushal Tandon’s character and of Satyajit Sharma’s character. The sisters are all of a sudden the beneficiary of the rich and agreeable way of life that they sought after which, apparently is the doing of Satyajit’s character.

In any case, very soon, Devina and Isha, clearly experience passionate feelings for a similar person (Kushal Tandon’s character); at that point things get wound as Satyajit’s character solicits one from the young ladies to wed her in addition to other things. With turbulent circumstances ahead, the slogan peruses that ‘be watchful what you wish for – you may simply get it.’

What’s Good

The storyline of the show at first appears run-off-the-process, yet as the promotion advances, the diverse shades come to play and in this way abandons you pondering a considerable measure about everything.

Ridhima Pandit as Devina thoroughly emerges, as not exclusively does she get the most extreme screen time in the promotion, yet in addition does she looks totally awesome in the part. Grins in the inital seconds, and one crying face, we are as of now sure that Devina will be the superstar and in this way will be Ridhima.

What’s Not-So-Good

Karishma Sharma as Isha, however appears to be extremely strong and awesome attributable to the on-screen character’s depiction of the same, yet taking a gander at her play Isha appears to be dull in some ways. You don’t have an unexpected component with her part, just mulling over the promotion.

Not exclusively does Kushal’s character have the minimum screen-time, yet additionally there is nothing that you are appeared long about him. There is clearly only one plausibility and i.e. obviously, he will be undependable with Devina and Isha. In any case, we don’t know whether that is altogether valid.

The Verdict

With a novel plotline, Ridhima Pandit’s refreshing screen nearness and acting hacks controlled by Alt Balaji’s supporting, Hum appears the sort of web demonstrate you need to include your need to-watch list, and presumably appreciate it the most with your kin or cousins.