#PromoReview: ‘Tujhse Hai Raabta’ seemingly tackles the STEP MOTHER-DAUGHTER relationship well

Zee TV is on a specific binge of taking off new shows in a steady progression with the most recent one being Yeh Teri Galiyaan, which went on-air a week ago. Furthermore, just when we imagined that the present part of shows are good to go, the channel will before long be exhibiting yet another new show as Tujhse Hai Raabta, made by Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant maker Sonali Jaffar and featuring Reem Sheik, Poorva Gokhale and Amrapali Sinha in lead parts.

The promotion as of late went live and this is what we think about it-

What’s It About-

The 40+ second promotion isn’t convoluted for anybody to comprehend, where the producers have made things unmistakable that this adventure is around three ladies in general. A little girl, her mom and her progression mother.

Adolescent Reem plays the little girl, where we see visuals of how she has the most stunning and sweetest mother-girl bond with her mother, Amrapali’s character.

Yet, in outright unmistakable difference, we perceive how she is troubled and infact irate on how she needs to live with and acknowledge another lady (Poorva Gokhale’s character) as her mom.

Toward the finish of the promotion, she makes it unmistakable to her progression mother that the last can never replace her mom, who is no more.

What’s Good

The best things about the promotion is the straightforwardness with which the plotline is disclosed to the watchers. There is no convoluted or mysterious dialect here to influence you to ponder your translation.

The throwing looks appropriately put, where a standout amongst the most energizing things is Poorva Gokhale’s rebound to Hindi fiction space, where she is best associated with her presentation appear, Kkoi Dil Mein Hain.

What’s Not-So-Good

Going to the storyline, it without a doubt is crisp and strong in it’s own particular sense, yet there is a sure worn out feel to it, where things appear to be somewhat self-evident. In any case, that is just the feeling that the promotion gives, not discounting the show general.

The Verdict

The lucidity of the promotion, the idea and the throwing is by all accounts in amicability with each other as far as making the demonstrate a commendable watch. Does it really handle the relationship of a little girl and her progression mother well? We will endure to discover..