Puja Banerjee HITS back at trolls who accuse her of having done PLASTIC SURGERY

Performing artists and on-screen characters frequently gone under examination when they show up ‘in an unexpected way’ and individuals begin theorizing concerning whether a few modifications have been done to the body or not. Its a dependable fact that few performing artists have gone under the blade and many have been totally vocal about it as well.

Be that as it may, some have not exactly been vocal and after that there is a segment of them who have out and out denied having done such system at all.

Recently performing artist Ssara Khan turned into the casualty of trolls when she was hammered for her lip work. The on-screen character acknowledged that she has experienced one however did not think about the fire by any stretch of the imagination. The most recent one to have turned into the subject of such trolls is on-screen character Puja Banerjee.

Puja has been on the cylinder for an extremely lengthy time-frame now, where she has been in a few shows as well. As a piece of the as of now drifting 10-year challenge, Puja posted an image of herself from 2009 to now. She clearly appears to be unique and this driven numerous to blame and make a good time for her evident plastic medical procedure. In addition to the fact that Puja denied it hammered the individual back on the equivalent

Plastic medical procedure or not, it is a person’s decision and that by itself ought to be regarded.