Raavi declares her love to Shiva publicly and kisses him in ‘Pandya Store’

Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Raavi trying to prove her innocence to Shiva and Pandya family but they’re more interested in teaching Anita a lesson.

In the upcoming episodes, Suman asks Anita to write that she will never try to steal other woman’s husband on a white board. Raavi makes Prafulla drink one more glass of spiked juice. She tells the family that she is set to reveal the truth. She switches on the lie detector machine and asks Prafulla a few questions to give the family an understanding of the machine. She finally asks Prafulla if she made her sign the bail papers. Prafulla admits doing the same.

Raavi gets elated but Shiva tells her that Prafulla never accepted making her sign the divorce papers and hence she couldn’t prove herself right. Raavi feels helpless and announces to the family that she tried to prove her innocence and now will not leave the Pandya niwas. She runs back to Pandya niwas.

Sagar gives Rishita hints that he would like to be with a girl like her. She thinks that Sagar will be a perfect suitor for Keerti. Rishita feels uneasy and Sagar helps her. Dev calls Rishita and Sagar answers it. Rishita’s phone battery gets drained. Dev gets suspicious as Sagar received Rishita’s call late at night.

Raavi asks the family to do her aarti. Suman throws the aarti plate. Shiva pushes the plate so that it shouldn’t hurt Raavi. Meanwhile, Raavi’s hairline gets filled with sindoor.

Furthermore, Raavi declares love to Shiva publicly and also kisses him. Shiva wants to get rid of Raavi.