Rachana Parulkar Survived Cyclone Fani! Here’s Her Story!

A tremendous tornado hit the province of Odisha and a few people were the casualties of the cataclysm. The Cyclone Fani, as it is alluded, breathed life into a lot of devastation and property. Entertainer Rachana Parulkar who was most recently seen in the show Dharti Ka Veer Putra-Maharana Pratap wound up in the eye of the calamity. Rachana had arranged a get-away with her family however much to her dismay that the things would turn generally. In a talk with BT, she related the repulsiveness she needed to experience.

Here are the extracts from the talk:

I had arranged an outing with my family to Sikkim and Bhutan. We came to Guwahati on May 4, when we were educated that Eastern India had been hit by violent wind Fani. The airplane terminals had closed thus we chosen to contract a vehicle and travel to Cherapunji from Guwahati. We thought Fani had just influenced Assam and Odisha and we would before long be far from the influenced regions.

Be that as it may, our whole street venture turned into a bad dream. We saw four avalanches in transit. Each half hour, we needed to trust that the streets will clear. It took us right around five hours to get to a more secure spot. At a certain point, where there was an avalanche, the driver cautioned us that we should run and search for a sanctuary as opposed to proceeding.

It was raining intensely. There was thunder-helping and dread of rocks moving down. Trees were falling surrounding us. It was all so startling! At a certain point we believed we wouldn’t almost certainly make tracks in an opposite direction from there. We chose to leave our things in the vehicle, stroll ahead and endeavor to spare ourselves from the overwhelming downpours.

At last, we achieved a spot which did not have power, sustenance or water. There was no system either. We were positioned there for multi day, trusting that things will show signs of improvement. Luckily, the downpours died down twenty four hours after the fact and we chose to push forward.

We figured out how to reach Bagdogra some way or another.

Our driver came later with the vehicle and things. Obviously, everything was annihilated on account of the rains.It was a close lethal experience and I am simply grateful that my whole family is protected. I petition God for each one of the individuals who couldn’t get away from this disaster. The stunning scenes and extraordinary virus still sends shudders down my spine.”

Stunning! Is it safe to say that it isn’t?

Yet, we are happy that she is protected and secure.